Anton Tönz

thumb antontonz teachingSince fourty years Anton Tönz teaches yoga and meditation and occupies himself with the Vedic tradition. Anton Tönz emphasizes the embedment of his teachings into their respective spiritual and cultural context. He gives yoga and meditation classes on all levels and teaches basic lessons in Mridangam and Carnatic singing.

Background and education

Anton Tönz hails from the eastern part of Switzerland and comes from a family with agricultural background. As oldest of five brothers he had already at an early age great interest in creative things like painting, architecture and literature. When he was 16 years old his interest in artistry made him join an internship with the famous painter Fritz Hirzel who saw his talent and supported him. Likewise Anton Tönz decided to go for the more subtle matters in his actual professional education and specialized in precision mechanics. After completing his apprenticeship he followed once more his personal passion and worked shortly for the Swiss architect Ernst Brantschen who is particularly famous for building the rather unconventional Bruder-Klaus-church in Winkeln (East-Switzerland).

At the age of 21 Anton Tönz became the student of the Indian master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with whom he completed his meditation teacher training. His marriage with the Bharata Natyam exponent Vijaya Rao marked the beginning of his spiritual re-orientation. He started Vedic-brahmanical studies, which were enriched by his numerous trips to India. 1987 he came into contact with the master Shri Jâmbavat and became student of his Vedic doctrine.

Anton Tönz with Shri PurushotthamanIn 1980 Anton Tönz founded together with his wife Vijaya Rao the Nateschwara Academy and accompanied her henceforth on her numerous tours through Europe. His work inside the field of Indian dance raised his love for Indian classical music which made him learn Mridangam under the great Maestro Shri K.N. Krishnamurthy. Subsequently he also became student in Carnatic music under Gottuvadyam-Maestro Shri N. Purushothaman. In the 1990ies he enjoyed private studies in Sanskrit under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Jaydev Jani.

Author and practician

Anton TönzIn 1997 Anton Tönz published his first book „Spiritual Secrets – The Mysteries of Akshara Vidya“, which exposes his spiritual teachings in detail. His second book „Bliss Within“ (2002) ties in with the content of the first book and treats in a poetical way the question of purpose of life. His continuous work with his students inspired Anton Tönz after forty years of teaching to write about his personal and spiritual experiences and to make it accessible to the public in his booklet “Traces in Heaven” (2012). Almost parallely he published his fourth book “Yoga Defined” which evolved from his intense work with yoga and meditation. The book gets rid of established clichés in the West and explains the origins and true objectives of Indian yoga.

Anton Tönz founded in 1997 ‚Akshara Vidya’ (Science of Eternal Existence) and gives weekly courses at the Nateschwara Academy in Baden. On his initiative the ‚Nateschwara Mountain Academy’ in the southern part of Switzerland came into being, where he gives regular seminars.

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