Rosmarie Weber

Rosmarie Weber

"This ancient  art,  thousands  of  years  old,  which  touches  equally  the  heart, the senses and the body of the performer as well as of the audience, is the  true pleasure  of  my  being.  Whoever looks into  the  depth  of  this art, he will  never  stop  to  be  overwhelmed."

As  a  non-Indian, Rosmarie has the rare ability and radiance to show and teach Bharata Natyam in its entire authenticity. She is a reliable treasurer of this art in all facets.

Education and background

Rosmarie Weber’s family comes originally from the French part of Switzerland, she herself grew up in a small place near Lucerne. Since her young days she has been interested in art and foreign cultures, which particularly showed in her immense talent for playing the piano. At the young age of twenty years she widely travelled around India.

Rosmarie Weber started her Bharata Natyam education with Vijaya Rao in 1987 and lived with her teacher for two years in a Gurukula (live and learn in the teachers house). In 1993, she successfully
completed her first stage appearance (Ranga Pravesha) after 6 years of training. Her dance teacher and examiner Guru Shri Pathagudi S. Ramaswamy rated this first performance with best marks.

Receiving The Bharata Natyam Teacher Diploma Of Nateschwara AcademyIn her further studies she accompanied her Guruji in many study tours to India and continuously deepened her Indian vocal music education and  learned  the  basics  of  the  South  Indian  language  Kannada.  In autumn  2010  she concluded  her  teacher training at  the  Nateschwara Academy  and  earned  the  diploma  for  dance  teacher  and accompanying singer.

Career and awards

Rosmarie  Weber  has  gained  rich  experience  by  performing as  a founder member of the Nateschwara Dance Company as well as a solo artist.  She  participated  in many  dance  programs  throughout  Europe and  India including television  programs.  In  1993  she  was  part  of a performance by the Nateschwara Dance Company that was honoured to open the famous  Natya  Anjali  Dance  Festival  in  Chidambaram (South  India).  Since  1995  Rosmarie  Weber partook  in numerous productions  such  as  „Om  Namah  Shivaya“,  „Alaghar  Kuravanji“, „Jesus of  Nazareth“  and  „Jaya  Ganesha“ and  appeared  in  them  on many tours.

Rosmarie WeberIn acknowledgement of her selfless service and her dedicated devotion to Indian  dance, but  also for  her  charismatic  presence  on  stage,  the Nateschwara  Academy  has  rewarded  to  her  the  title  “Natyarupini” (Embodiment of dance) in 2010.

Current activity

Besides her main professional work at the research centre of ABB in Dättwil, Rosmarie Weber gives weekly Bharata Natyam classes at the Nateschwara Academy in Baden.