Vijaya Rao and Company Debut Performance 'Gautama Buddha’

Friday, March 8th / Saturday, March 9th 2019, 07:30 PM

Nateschwara Theater, Rütistrasse 3, 5400 Baden

Tickets CHF 30.- / CHF 28.- Students and AHV

Reservations: 056 222 04 48

Registration and more information at Contact page.


‘Gautama Buddha’ is a Bharata Natyam dance drama that portrays the life of Buddha in an entertaining and highly expressive way accompanied by live music. The play takes the audience in a journey to the era of Buddha. It narrates the different stages of Buddha’s life, his birth, his worldly experiences and ascetic encounter, and his final path to enlightenment. ‘Gautama Buddha’ is a colorful masterpiece, rich in melody and rhythm. It appears as symbol of peace which expresses the yearning for fulfilment of all mankind.


The 7-headed Vijaya Rao Dance and Music Ensemble consists of Vijaya Rao, the Nateschwara Dancers, and three musicians (vocal, percussion and string instrument Veena).


The participating Nateschwara Dancers

Takashi Ando, Aparna Neelakandhan, Sivaranjini Chithambaram, Sharada Iser, Preethi Mohan

 Takashi Ando 2Aparna Neelakandhan 2Sivaranjini Chithambaram 1
Sharada Iser 1Preethi Mohan

Music: N.N. Siva Prasad (vocal & nattuvangam)

N.N. Siva Prasad belongs to the leading vocalists for dance in India. He is accompanied by excellent musicians, Shri N. Venkiteswaran on the classical Mridangam drum, and Shri A. Shankar Raman on the south Indian Sarasvati Veena.

 N.N. Siva PrasadJayraj Venkitesvaran
A. Shankar Raman

Choreography and arrangement: Vijaya Rao


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