Ranga Pravesha of Preethi Mohan


Saturday 23rd of February 2019, 18 hr

Reception 18 hr (Door closes 19 hr)

Nateschwara Auditorium

Rütistrasse 3, CH-5400 Baden

+41 (0)56 222 0448

ranga pravesha preethi mohan

We are pleased to announce the stage debut (Ranga Pravesha) of Mrs. Preethi Mohan. All are welcome!
Registration recommended!
Tickets: CHF 20.- / Students & AHV CHF 15.-


The Ranga Pravesha

Ranga Pravesha (Sanskrit), also known as Arangetram (Tamil), literally means “maiden entrance on stage”. On this memorable event the Bharata Natyam student after concluding the basic training in Bharata Natyam presents in accompaniment of her teachers and musicians and in the presence of art connoisseurs and an elite audience her learned repertoire. She herewith proves her maturity as Bharata Nartyam dancer.

The accompanists of the performance are:

Smt. Vidushi Vijaya Rao – Vocal & Nattuvangam

Smt. Rosmarie Weber – Vocal Support

Shri K. Venkiteswaran – Mridangam

Shri A. Shankar Raman – Veena

Shri Anton Tönz – Gottuvadyam

 Jayraj VenkitesvaranA. Shankar Raman

Preethi Mohan

Preethi Mohan

I was born and raised in a small town called Bhavani in Tamil Nadu, India. A spark of desire to dance bharthanatayam arouse in me in my early childhood after watching in a Movie the two dancers/actresses named Padmini and Vyjayanthimala who were one of the celebrated Bharta Natyam dancers during that time. Slowly, the spark turned into strong desire to learn this art form. I was trained in a different style of bharthanatayam for around 10 years under a teacher called Mrs. Muthu, but due to the need to focus on academics I never had a chance to complete my Ranga Pravesha in India. But the longing to continue to my passion lingered in my heart always.

I came to Switzerland after my marriage 2009 and it was my husband who encouraged me to dance again. He introduced me to Nateschwara dance academy as his gift to me on my birthday. After my first class, I was surprised to see how an old Indian art form is cherished, well maintaining its tradition and authenticity in non-English speaking European country. The classroom was filled with students from different cultures. I decided then, if I am to follow my dancing passion, this is where I should do it.

I joined Nateschwara and started the training under Guruji Smt. Vijaya Rao in Cheyyur style of Bharata Natyam. The adavus were so different from my previous style, they were clean, clear and unique. It was so challenging to rewrite my old style with new ones. But I like that challenge and this attracted & motivated to come to class more often. I realised then as one immerse more into this dance form, one will start understanding the intricate and nuances of this art. This understanding comes only with the proper guidance, help, support and teachings of one’s teacher and in my case it was Guruji.

Her vast immense knowledge, experience and conviction to stick to the tradition makes her stand out of the crowds in a great heights. Her commitment towards this art form pushes her to perfection which is reflected in her adavu’s, jathi’s and abhinaya that she teaches us. Of course, her student Rosmarie Weber, also teacher at Nateschwara, is an active support in teaching us and helps us during our dance classes.

Besides my other roles in my life coming to dance classes gives me so much pleasure to learn this divine art form. To attain this pleasure of dancing, I had a great support from my husband, daughter, parents, sister, brother who has always been very encouraging in my life. Above all you need a teacher who understand theirs students well and I had Guruji. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all people around me who helped me to bring all these years of dream and practice on stage today as my “Ranga Pravesha”. I know this is not the end of one’s journey in dance, but a new beginning.

Vijaya Rao: «Preethi is an art connoisseur, a talented, charming and brilliant dancer, a scientist, young mother and a dedicated Bharata Natyam student. Her approach to learning is admirable as she relishes the choreography, gives always a motivating feedback and is full of appreciation to this divine Art.»