Carnatic Vocal - Classical South Indian Music

Music ClassThe music school is continuously opened from Monday to Thursday. The course consists of a vocal training in Carnatic music. To ensure the correct pronunciation the class is started along with a language course. At the beginning the participant learns didactic compositions (Alankâram, Svarajati, Gîtam). Thereby different Talas and Ragas (rhythm cycles and melody modes) are trained. At an advanced level the student learns songs (Varnam, Padam, Kîrtanam) from the traditional repertoire.

The Nateschwara Academy provides:

  • Maximum progress through single class
  • Traditional way of teaching
  • Certified teaching staff
  • Comfortable teaching premises

Target audience

This courses addresses people interested in music who like to work with their voice. The course is ideal for those who like to get to know a new style of music, which delights melodically, which clears the mind and removes psychic stress.


No prior musical or vocal education is needed for this course.

Next course

This course is designed as single class. Therefore applicants can start a new course at anytime. The timings of the class are scheduled at the beginning.


Unlimited, minimum 6 months

Days of class

Tuesday or Thursday, optionally also Monday or Wednesday


From 1200.- per semester onwards (1x 90 min. per week, incl. language training)

Music Class