Indian Percussion - Mridangam

Classes in Indian percussion are part of the music school of the Nateschwara Academy. The course starts with exercises, which train the single beats. After that the student learns diverse Talas (rhythm cycles) and the Indian rhythm language (shollu kuttu) through traditional lessons. To ensure the correct pronunciation the class is started along with a language course.

The Nateschwara Academy provides:

  • Maximum progress through single class
  • Traditional way of teaching
  • Certified teaching staff
  • Comfortable teaching premises
  • Instruments for practice

Target audience

This course is meant for those who like rhythm and who are fascinated by the complexity of the Indian rhythm system.


This course has no specific requirements. Good sense of rhythm and a flair for maths is advantageous.

Next course

This course is designed as single class. Therefore applicants can start a new course at anytime. The timings of the class are scheduled at the beginning.


Unlimited, minimum 6 months

Days of class

Tuesday or Thursday, optionally also Monday or Wednesday


On inquiry